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HLH’s Secure Facility Protects Your IP

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The investment you have made in your project is massive, from man hours and salaries to physical fabrication costs of prototype and production pieces, the costs cannot be understated and need to be respected by all partner suppliers. At HLH, we take a

HLH Factory Overall

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CNC Materials Series – ABS, when and why?

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China loves ABS. It is cheap, readily available, easy to machine and finish, and the ease and value of resale make it the go to material for prototype shops country wide. But what is it all about and when should you use it? Properties: ABS is one

Plastic Parts

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Machined Parts and tolerances – what it all means for you and your projects.

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Dimensional inaccuracies are unfortunately a common problem when having parts machined in China. The advantage of lower costs and fast lead times sometimes needs to be weighed against the tolerance and quality requirements. For the majority of parts and p


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Visualise to meet quality expectations.

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When determining a quality policy it is crucial to try and visualise why your customers might need the parts you are making for them. I had a member of our team ask me if they should try to convince one of our customers to accept parts 0.1mm out of tolera


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