3D Printapalooza Is Back!!

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Printapalooza 2018 1

3D Printapalooza is back at HLH with a focus on SLS Printed Parts this time around. 3D Printapalooza was so well received by our customers that we felt we just had to bring this deal back as a small Thank You to our loyal customers around the world. Here are a few benefits of SLS Printed parts to help you determine if SLS is right for your next rapid part manufacturing project.

1. NO need for support structures.

2. BUILD the most complex parts with SLS including moving hinges and other moving parts.

3. REDUCE the risk of part damage with SLS. No support structures to remove.

4. ASSEMBLY not required with SLS parts due to the ability to print very complex parts.

3D Printapalooza Details

SLS Parts = $0.4/Gram (USD) – Just email your file to start.

**Include ship to address when emailing file. Shipping not included. HLH will confirm price before printing. SLS material PA. Ends July 31, 2018**

Don’t delay, act today – – HLH, we make things for you