Advantages of Rapid CNC Prototyping

By admin | December 10th, 2014 | Leave a Comment

Customer requirements should always be a top priority and when they decide they need something completed as soon as possible it means you have to deliver. If the fulfillment of the order requires you to outsource then it is extremely important they are able to complete assignments with a rapid turnaround time and the desired quality levels.


Rapid CNC prototyping or CNC machining is one of the methods used to accomplish this in the manufacturing industry along with rapid injection molding for samples and production of low volume parts. The right company will be able to evaluate your specifications and standards, ask for clarification where needed and then use their experience and expertise to create the product utilizing the best method at their disposal. They can operate with a variety of materials in metals and plastics and have the technicians to finish the product so that is smooth and professional in its appearance.

This makes rapid CNC prototyping ideal for many applications for example presentation models and function tests which is crucial before giving the final approval for mass production. They should also have a quality control department that performs inspections before anything leaves the facility. This ensures that by the time you have the sample in your hands it has been checked over and reviewed and only needs your stamp of approval.

While quality and speed are essential factors it is also important to remember that you want to be cost effective which is why some will offer the most competitive prices anywhere in the industry.