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Anodizing your aluminum parts is a great option for increasing the durability and longevity of your parts surface finish. The thicker your finish, the longer and more durable your surface finish will be. The process allows you to add colour to your parts and this colour will not flake or peel off due to the electrochemical bonding process. Here are some key benefits, and a downside, to help you qualify if anodizing is a good option for you.


Benefits of Anodizing

The biggest advantage, as noted above is how anodizing increases the durability and lifespan of your product by offering robust protection for your parts surface finish. It is an extremely strong finish and is effective against weathering. An anodized surface is easy to clean (if needed) normally a mild detergent will do and will bring back a dirty surface finish to a like-new condition. Anodizing is harder than powder coating and offers great protection against UV light, which is a common cause of surface coating failing.


A Downside to Anodizing

The biggest downside to anodized parts is the lack of resistance to chemical corrosives. Long-term exposure to acidic air pollution (as an example) will break down the surface finish over time.

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