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HLH Production – 2 Minute Blog

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HLH Production - As you likely know by now, at HLH we specialise in rapid prototyping and rapid tooling that lines up very well with low to mid volume part production needs. This may be a very low volume ProtoTool mold where you may only get a couple o

Production 1

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Infographic: Things to Know About CNC Machines!

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It is important for businesses to know a few important things about CNC machines before opting for CNC machining services. The Computer Numerical Control or CNC machines are the devices that use computer programming inputs for machine shop tools. These

Things to Know About CNC Machines

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HLH New Factory Update – ProtoTool & CNC

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Rome wasn't built in a day...but if the Chinese were involved it would have been built a lot faster. Daily additions to the new factory in the form of existing equipment being moved in from our old facility and brand new equipment being installed to


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HLH – 4th 2 Minute Blog – Industries Served & Services

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To serve multiple industries one must not only possess diverse technological capabilities and an exceptional team, but also a business philosophy that lines up with western business needs. Being able to match and exceed clients expectations is crucial to

Blog 4a

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