Choosing The Best Of Service For Prototype Plastic Parts

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With the change in time, technologies are getting more and more powerful. And of course this is helping the world to advance in all possible aspects of life. With the help of modern technology it has really become easier and less expensive to create proto

Best Of Service

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HLH – 4th 2 Minute Blog – Industries Served & Services

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To serve multiple industries one must not only possess diverse technological capabilities and an exceptional team, but also a business philosophy that lines up with western business needs. Being able to match and exceed clients expectations is crucial to

Blog 4a

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HLH – 3rd 2 Minute Blog – QA/QC

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“Quality control is a team effort at HLH. Each process and part is inspected several times throughout its journey to ensure you get the quality parts your project deserves.” At HLH, an excellent record of quality paired with exceptional on time

Blog 3a

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HLH in New York

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"If I can make it there, I'll make it anywhere"...famous words from Ol' Blue Eyes that speaks to how tough New York can be, how exciting the opportunities are in New York, and how New York is truly a world class city that can put you on the map. Well,

HLH Big Apple

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