3D Printapalooza – 3D Printing Sale @ HLH

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Click to send your 3D Print Job to HLH. With some recent purchases at HLH, we now have increased 3D Printing capacity at our 12,000sqm rapid manufacturing facility. This added capacity has made us go a little bit 3D Printing

Printapaloozaa 3

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Rapid Prototype Manufacturing – One Perspective

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Based on your experience, expectations, and needs you will likely have a unique opinion on rapid prototype manufacturing, different from everyone elses opinion, myself included. With that in mind, here is my perspective on rapid prototype manufacturing,

HLH Mini Blog Strength Matters

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Vacuum Casting Benefits – HLH Mini Blog

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Vacuum Casting can be a great choice for low run parts or prototypes. A really great option for quickly confirming your design. Here are some vacuum casting benefits to consider before you decide on your next rapid manufacturing project. 1. Vacuum cas

Rapid Vacuum Casting

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Move more to be more productive and creative. HLH Mini Blog

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For many of us in design, sales, management and a whole host of other jobs, it can seem like we cannot get away from our computers, ever!! It may sound counterintuitive but I am more productive and creative the more I am away from my computer.  Here are

Productive and Creative

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