Vacuum Casting – what it is and when use it?

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Vacuum casting or urethane casting is ideal for prototyping and low volume production runs of plastic parts. It is a versatile but often overlooked process so here is a quick look at how it works, what it is best for and where it falls down when compared


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How to get the parts you need from your prototype shop.

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There are many choices when it comes to manufacturing parts and prototypes. Some are fast, some are good and some are cheap but no matter which you choose there are some key steps you should take and questions you should ask to ensure you get the parts yo


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Qualifying China Suppliers – Tip 2, Communication

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Your quote has come back and the price meets your budget, awesome, but does the quote really reflect your needs, did your supplier really understand your projecgt and will they really deliver on your project needs? These are all communication based questi


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Designing for CNC machining when prototyping.

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CNC machining is one of the most utilized manufacturing processes for prototypes and low volume production runs. It offers great advantages in terms of speed and range of materials available and is also fairly cost effective when compared to other process


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