Don’t be alarmed, there is still time for 3D Printapalooza :)

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3D Printapalooza Alarm

The bad news is that 3D Printapalooza will come to an end soon. The good news is that it only takes a few seconds to email HLH to take advantage of the SLS and SLA 3D Printing sale on until the end of the month. Send your 3D file to our team at Include your shipping address and quantity needed and our team will be back to you pronto.

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3D Printapalooza Details

SLA Parts = $0.3/Gram (USD)    |    SLS Parts = $0.6/Gram (USD) – Just email your file to start.

**Just email your file to get started – Add ship to address, shipping cost not included – HLH will confirm price by email before printing – SLA material Somos 14120 – SLS material PA**
**The offer only applies to standard shaped parts, any parts with excessive complexity or very small features will need to be quoted by the project**

Don’t delay, act today – – HLH, we make things for you.