Getting Introduced to Prototype Injection Molding

By admin | November 3rd, 2014 | Leave a Comment


Prototypes can be created for a variety of purposes such as using in a demonstration, having a sample to determine compliance with requirements or looking it over to confirm that the drawing and idea is accurate and as planned in reality. For this product to be successful it has to be accurate, detailed and functional. Back in the day, craftsman would create these using materials that were close at hand but in today’s world sometimes you need to see the parts in the actual production materials – for this there is a process known as rapid tooling or prototype tooling.

Rapid plastic injection molding is a cheap, fast and accurate method to make prototypes or low volume production runs. The process is the same as full scale injection molding where plastic material is heated and injected under pressure into a unique-shaped mold, and then cooled to form the part it is just done on much faster time scales using a more standardized process.

The process of rapid plastic injection molders allows real parts from real materials and is a great option for low volumes too.