HLH Knows Rapid Manufacturing

Rapid prototypes, rapid tooling, low-volume production…whether you need 1 part or 100,000 parts, our focus is to help find you the best solution for your project and rapidly manufacturing your parts so that you can hit the market faster.
HLH Knows Automotive

Automotive parts make up over 30% of our business.
HLH Knows Injection Start Today

Low-volume parts for some means a few test parts, for others it might mean up to a 100,000 part production run. What does it mean to you? 

HLH Low-Volume Tooling
HLH Knows Rapid Tooling

Rapid tooling is becoming an ever-increasing part of the modern manufacturing process. With so many online channels for selling your products, rapid tooling has never been more relevant.

FreeQuote@HLHPrototypes.comHLH Knows Sheet Metal

Our MOQ for sheet metal starts at 1. Learn more here.
HLH Knows Low Volume

Rapid Prototypes and Rapid Low-Volume production at HLH.

HLH Low-Volume Tooling

CNC Machining is a great option for prototype parts and low-volume production parts.

HLH CNC Machining
HLH Knows Robots

Orders for robots are exploding this year for HLH. We had such a large order last month we were running out of places to put them 🙂

At HLH, we make things for you. FreeQuote@HLHPrototypes.com

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