HLH New Factory Update – ProtoTool & CNC

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HLH New Arrival

Rome wasn’t built in a day…but if the Chinese were involved it would have been built a lot faster. Daily additions to the new factory in the form of existing equipment being moved in from our old facility and brand new equipment being installed to increase our capacity and capabilities.

The photos below are focused on the CNC, ProtoTool and Injection Molding side of our services. More to come as we move the rest of our services into the new factory.

Gallery 1 – Large Scale CNC Parts & ProtoTools (New Additions)

Gallery 2 – Some NEW Injection Molding Arrivals

Gallery 3 – Medium Sized & High Speed CNC (New & Existing)

Gallery 4 – Showroom & New Meeting Rooms

It will still take us some time to move everything in but it is really coming along nicely. Keep in touch and follow us on LinkedIn if you have not already for all the latest updates.

“At HLH, we make things for you.” –