If you don’t invest in people you are sure to fail.

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Training 3

Customer Service – we understand western business needs. Our approach to sales, service and quality is to deliver you a western business experience from China. Which includes helping to guide you to alternative part fabrication solutions if we feel it will benefit your project. A proactive approach to project review and management, we save you money when we can, we speed up the process for you when we can.

“Fluency in multiple languages is one reason why our
customers trust in HLH to deliver.”

Training 2

Employee Training – investing in your future. We invest in training programs so that your experience with HLH will continue to improve each time you use us. From continued language training, to IT training, from project and supply chain management to shipping and quality control training, we want our employees to be capable of handling any situation they come across.

“People are everything, for HLH Prototypes to succeed we must continue to invest in our number one asset, our employees.”

Training 1

Teamwork – 2 is better than 1. At HLH we emphasise and encourage teamwork. For us to be able to consistently deliver on quality and on time delivery targets, teamwork is the only way forward.

At HLH, we make things for you. to get started.