Injection Molding Doesn’t Have To Cost A Fortune

By admin | July 3rd, 2015 | Leave a Comment

The process of injection molding is an alternative to other manufacturing methods. It offers a number of advantages including minimal losses from scrap and minimal finishing requirements. The process is a way to shape plastic by melting it and injecting it into a mold that is pre-designed for a specific use. The process is completed by using a large injection molding machine that produces a wide variety of products.

Many companies rely on injection molding to produce large quantities of parts in a short period of time. It is common for companies who provide these services to be on a strict time schedule, and they are responsible for filling orders for the companies that they have contracted with. Most companies believe that the more parts that they produce the more successful they will be; there are some companies however that believe the exact opposite.

There are a number of companies that only provide short run injection molding services. A reputable short run molding company shows their customers that orders can be produced inexpensively and efficiently. This can be done using a client’s existing molds or with new molds if necessary. These companies should be able to handle large orders as well they just don’t believe that large orders have to be the center of a company’s production.

The cost for short run injection molding services will vary depending on the company a person hires. A company may base their prices on the number of parts a company needs or they may have a flat rate that they charge per production hour. A company should be able to give an estimate for any type of work that they plan to do for a company. This is a great way for companies to figure out who can provide them with exactly what they need.