Process of CNC Milling and Turning

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CNC Milling and CNC Turning are the staple of any machines shop, other machining processes include grinding and drilling.

CNC milling is a subtractive manufacturing process where material is removed from the work piece of plastic or metal. CNC milling is used for all manner of projects and products and is also used for post process machining of die cast parts.

CNC turning is a totally machine based process of cutting plastics and metals. In this process the lathe is used to turn the metal or metal pieces, while the blade cuts the material. This process is used for cutting requirements and for a massive range of parts and features such as holes, threads, grooves and other features. Turning is also used as a secondary process as well where there is a need to refine certain features. The CNC turning process offers high tolerances and excellent surface finishes.

Grinding is a process that uses a fast rotating wheel and it’s sharp edges to machine parts and certain features. This machines is often used to finish other projects.

Drilling is another process of used for hole drilling and for tapping or pressing threads.

CNC milling and turning machining allows great flexibility and great parts.