Rapid Parts – Yes | Rapid Oranges – Maybe???

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Florida, amongst other things, is famous for Oranges. When I was growing up just about every drop of OJ that I drank came from Florida. Just thinking about OJ now makes me crave some. HLH is famous for rapid prototypes, rapid tooling, and rapid low-volume manufacturing which all lead to rapid parts, really fast!

So, if HLH sends a team of rapid manufacturing specialists to Florida can they make oranges faster? Can they make rapid oranges? Of course not :)

But what Rolin and Sara can do is make some rapid parts that help make the machines work that picks the oranges. They can make parts needed to help you sort and pack the oranges. They can help make rapid parts to transport the oranges by land, air or sea to your customers all over the world. They can make rapid parts that help you display the oranges for selling to your customers. They can make rapid parts…FAST!

Rolin and Sara will be in Florida from May 5-11 to showcase HLH’s rapid manufacturing capabilities and they will be drinking lots of OJ :) | May 7-11 | Orlando, FL | Booth S22157 to set up an appointment.

HLH can make virtually any rapid part out of metal, plastic, and composite materials. As for making oranges grow faster, sorry, we can’t do that :)

At HLH, we make things for you.

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