Unique Prototypes Made on Demand

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injection molding

The benefit of working with a prototype manufacturing company is that you can have custom parts and tools made that are unique to your business and set you apart from everyone else. Whether you need one or two parts created or an entire production line built within a short period of time, it is important to have the right company working the project so you can rely on the end results.

Custom mold services is not something provided by just anyone but instead requires the use of state of the art equipment and a knowledge of the complete process from design to finishing. Prototypes are generally designed by the client companies but manufacturing engineers can provide valuable input to ensure that the client gets everything they are looking for in the final product.

Injection molding is one of the quickest and easiest ways to create a customized plastic mold because this technique can be used with a variety of different materials and has a streamlined process. Once the final mold design has been agreed upon and created it is then build in two halves which are attached to a machine. The designated material is placed in a tube and as it moves toward the mold container it is heated and melted until it reaches the final chamber. As it reaches the outer edges of the mold, the plastic immediately starts adhering and cooling to the mold and will remain there until the desired hardness is reached. Force is applied so that the product can be ejected from the mold and then it is moved on to the finishing and quality assurance departments. This method can be used to generate a single prototype or multiple ones based on the client’s requirements but final approval should be given before moving forward into production.

If your company needs a custom plastic mold part or tool made in order to accomplish their business objectives then you need to work with the best manufacturing companies in the industry. They have established a solid reputation for providing quality products, affordable prices and fast delivery times so that every project is done right the first time and to the customer’s expectations.