Urethane Casting (Vacuum Casting) – 15% Off – Cool :)

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Ice Cream Vacuum Casting

All this month (January 2018) HLH is running a promotion on Urethane (Vacuum) Casting projects. Confirm your order by January 31, 2018, and receive 15% off your urethane casting project. Just a little cool and awesome promotion to kick off 2018. To start, simply email our team today at

Why Urethane Casting? Well, why not, it is a great rapid prototype and low-volume part solution. To dive a bit deeper though, urethane casting is a fantastic option for production like parts, which makes it an excellent choice for proof of concept and functional prototypes. It is also a very good, relatively low-cost check before you commit to an injection mould tool because urethane casting very closely mimics the properties of an injection mould part, as well as offering part features like textured surface finishes right out of the urethane mould.

*A couple of conditions do apply to this urethane casting offer.*

*SLA master only, discount does not apply to projects that require a CNC master.*

*Sorry, no transparent parts for this discount.*

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