World Cup Finals…Final Predictions

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World Cup 4

Is it too late to change the last four World Cup games to a more favourable kick-off time that aligns with the time I want to watch the games? These late games are killing me. But I will be soldier on 😀😀

Ok, here is a quick recap on our predictions so far. 5 out of 8 group winners successfully predicted. 6 out of 8 round of 16 winners successfully predicted. 3 out of 4 quarterfinal winners successfully predicted. With only 4 games remaining, this is our last chance to get 100% predictions correct and here they are:

France vs Belgium – So, I picked Belgium to lose last round, it was my 1 wrong pick. Here is what I know now after watching both games. Pogba is the laziest “superstar” in the world (I am a Manchester United fan) and Belgium is just getting better. Belgium

England vs Croatia – Even with Sterling in the lineup England is looking stronger and stronger. Croatia is a threat to be sure, but there is only one pick to make here…England

THIRD PLACE Croatia vs France – It is a bit of a tossup and I believe it will have a lot to do with how both teams deal with the loss in the previous game. In the end, I think Croatia has more to offer in midfield to control the game. Croatia

WORLD CUP FINAL England vs Belgium – Should be an excellent final and I expect goals from both sides. Kane and Lukaku are too good not to score or play a huge role. For me, it comes down to, if not now, then when?    England England England

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