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CNC Machining

CNC Machining - Rapid Prototype Machined Parts, Rapid Production Machined Parts

At HLH we specialise in CNC machining and turning of rapid prototype parts and low to mid volume CNC rapid production parts. We machine parts from a wide variety of metal and plastic materials with specialty materials available upon request. CNC machining is a fast, accurate, robust and cost effective part fabrication option that delivers parts to you made from production grade materials. CNC Part Examples. Scroll down to watch a CNC machining video.

As one of our core services we have continued to invest in our CNC capabilities to ensure we have the capacity and diversity needed to run multiple jobs simultaneously and to handle the CNC volume production needs of our customers. We also use CNC machining to manufacture quick turn around tooling for our low to mid volume Rapid Tooling and ProtoTool services, we deliver these molds FAST!

High speed precision CNC's allow us to turn around parts faster, take on more jobs and serve more customers. New investment in the latest 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC technology helps us to deliver precise parts to exacting specifcations.

With bed sizes of 3500mm x 2500mm x 1200mm large parts and ProtoTools (rapid tooling) are not a problem for HLH. Start your free project review today or ask us a question at