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HLH Composites and Part Production

HLH offer a massive range of composite part production solutions from a range of composite materials including:

  • Carbon Fiber – UD, 3K, 12K
  • Kevlar
  • Glass fibers
  • Hybrids

We offer first-class composite component production services, including in-and out-of-autoclave cure solutions, compression molding, wet layup of high-and low-temperature systems, infusion and prepreg laminates. We manufacture composite parts for a massive range of industries, making parts for robotics, automotive, aerospace, sports and defense industries among others. HLH also provide a range of post process machining or finishing services.

Whatever our customers require, a one-off prototype or high-performance parts for motorsport or aerospace projects to medium- and high-volume part production, we can guarantee high-quality, cost-effective solutions.