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We manufactured this casing for a large German medical device manufacturer. CNC machined and painted.

CNC Prototype, manufactured from ABS+PC for the body, rubber buttons and a PMMA screen, painted and silk printed. HLH Prototypes made a batch of prototypes for a US company.

HLH CNC machined this prototype from standard ABS. Size:396*159*100mm. No finishing, fine machined.

HLH manufactured a RIM short production run of a car bumper for leading Chinese car manufacturer BYD and Mercedes Benz's new electric car collaboration project.

HLH Manufactured this transparent acrylic perfume bottle top prototype for Gucci. The part was CNC machined and hand polished before using laser engraving to apply the Gucci logod.

HLH machined this bike part from Nylon + 40% glass fiber, the part also includes several small metal inserts. As this part was to be tested on an actual bike accuracy was very important.

highly finished CNC machined prototypes, phone prototypes including painting, chrome plating, silk printing, laser etching.


We manufactured these precision higly finished prototypes for leading USA cycle accessories manufacturer Cerevellum.

Medical Devices

We works with some of the world's leading brands and manufacturers of medical devices and parts.

Automotive industry

We are an established and reliable Tier one and Two supplier to the automotive industry.


HLH CNC Machined ABS masters which were used to produce a combination resin and silicone tool from which reprodutions were produced.


HLH were one of the first prototyping companies in China to begin working with stereolithography back in 2005.


HLH produced 2D and 3D CAD designs and vacuum cast prototypes before moving forward with tooling and mass production.


We recenty discussed how regular modelers could use the revoutionary technology of 3D printing.