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Prototype Injection Molding
Prototype Injection Molding

Prototype Injection Molding

HLH Prototypes turns out rapid injection moulding solutions using tools made from aluminium or from steel. Leveraging our extensive expertise and technical capabilities, we are able to eliminate tooling time and get you real parts real fast.

Advantages of our rapid injecting molding solutions are:

  • Incredibly fast production runs, tooling and parts within a week
  • Highly flexible and able to meet exact design requirements
  • Superior quality and massive range of plastics
  • Amazing cost savings over alternative suppliers of rapid tooling

Our solutions combine high quality, speed and precision the three critical attributes of rapid injecting molding. Our consistent top-standard services have led to hundreds of clients from all manner of industries choosing us for their projects.

The fundamentals of rapid injection molding include part size and weight, draft, tolerances, wall thickness, surface finish, radii, ejector pins and undercuts – all of these will be discussed in detail before commencement to ensure you get the parts you require in the lead times you need.

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