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RIM (Reaction Injection Molding)
A cost effective and fast alternative to injection molding, RIM is the perfect choice for low volumes and many other projects. RIM offers
        Low tooling costs
        Complete design freedom
        High strength to weight ratio
        Elimination of secondary operations
        No sink marks
        Low weight
        Wide range of physical properties
HLH Prototypes provides a range of tooling and polyurethane (PU) materials to suit any project and budget. Due to the low temperatures and pressure (30-100psi) involved RIM offers a economic alternative to other molding methods for large parts.
Max size: 2500x1000x1000mm
Materials: Massive range of PU resins to choose from
Tooling options: silicone, resin, aluminium
For more information on how RIM could help you contact us here.
Injection Molding
HLH Prototypes can work with most materials and geometries to provide high quality cost effective injection molding for low or high volume production runs.
Our injection molding machines can handle parts large and small with press sizes ranging from 7 tons to 300 tons. All batches are fully inspected by our QC department allowing you great peace of mind.
Injection molding process;
Client sends CAD and technical data to HLH Prototypes
Tooling manufactured according to drawings
5-10 test shot samples provided to customer (extra samples available on request)
Following confirmation of samples mass production commences
QC team carries out regular checks during manufacture and a full QC check is performed before packing and shipping.
To get your injection molded projects to market fast contact us here.
Die Casting
HLH Prototypes produces pressure die casting molds and parts from aluminium, zinc and magnesium.
Our on-site die casting unit delivers precision parts cost effectively and fast. HLH Prototypes has worked on hundreds of die casting projects from a massive range of industries. All parts are fully inspected by our comprehensive QC department.
Post processing available includes painting, plating, bead/sand blasting, anodizing and machining.
Get started on your precision die casting project here.