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Rapid Tooling
HLH Prototypes specialises in the production of rapid or prototype tools tailored to our clients production needs. Faster and cheaper than production tools HLH Prototypes offers high speed machined mold tools in a range of materials from aluminium to steel.
Our highly experienced project managers and engineers work constantly with clients from a wide range of industries so we can be relied upon to deliver the highest quality and speed for you whatever your project or requirements.
For high quality rapid tooling - contact us here.
Production Tooling
HLH Prototypes provides high quality production tooling machined in house at our ISO9001 accredited facilities. To date HLH Prototypes has successfully produced over 300 production tools for industries from medical to automotive and from consumer goods to military and many more.
HLH Prototypes is renowned for high quality tools, short lead times and excellent service and feedback throughout the project. Our tooling workshop is operated 24/7 so you know we can deliver on schedule. Combined with our years of experience and on site tooling engineers we can provide a fast and fully comprehensive service for all your production tooling needs. For more information on how HLH Prototypes can help you contact us here.