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HLH Prototypes is a one-stop source for helping you realize your projects from concept to prototyping and through to finished products. We combine great service with cost efficiency and quick turnarounds.

Our services include:

CNC Machining - milling and turning

We offer state-of-the-art CNC precision machining services with the equipment and expertise required for complex machined components from plastics and metals. We have extensive ISO rated 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC machining services used for close tolerance, fast and high precision applications. Read more

SLA, SLS and FDM 3D printing

A pioneer in 3D printing in China, we offer SLA, SLS and FDM 3D printed prototypes and parts. 3D printing is great for quick modeling and prototype applications and also increasingly suitable for some low volume manufacturing jobs. Read more

Vacuum casting

Vacuum casting or urethane casting allows for quick and inexpensive reproductions of parts in a massive range of PU resins. Offering high accuracy, speed and a range of surface finish options vacuum casting is a great choice for many projects. Read more


Components produced through Rapid Injection Molding (RIM) process are dimensionally stable, wear resistant and chemical resistant. It is an excellent choice for larger plastic parts and low to mid volume production runs. Read more

Hand Sculpture

We have a small team of sculptors on site to assist with any and all projects requiring clay modeling. Read more

Laser cutting and bending of metals

Laser cutting and wire cutting are part of our sheet metal prototyping services. We have extensive experience working with sheet metal parts and are renowned for being fast, easy to work with, cheap and reliable.
Read more

Rapid tooling, production tooling, export tooling

Our engineers are highly skilled and experienced and offer you accurate tools in rapid lead times. We choose from a range of technologies to make outstanding production tools from aluminiums and steels depending on your requirements. Read more

Injection molding

You can trust us for high quality cost effective injection molding for low or high volume production runs. All batches of parts are fully inspected by our quality control unit. Read more

Die Casting

Thousands of precision pressure die cast parts move out of our facility every year. We offer full tool design drawings and validation and m produce parts from materials like aluminium, zinc and magnesium. Read more

For these services and more, you can rely on us for timely delivery and efficiency. Talk to a representative here.