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HLH have a range of casting options including sand casting and investment or lost wax.

Sand casting uses a pattern made from wood, resin or aluminium, around which a box is built and sand is packed around it. The pattern is then removed from the sand after flipping it upside down to leave a cavity in the sand which is one half of the casting. The process is then repeated and a running system is added. The two halves of the mould are assembled together.

HLH offer two different sand casting methods, airset for grey iron and iron as well as larger aluminium or bronze castings, and greensand for smaller castings.

Materials: aluminium alloys, bronzes and irons

Investment Casting

Investment casting or lost wax casting is versatile and cost effective. Great for complex components and fine details it allows high dimensional accuracy.

For more information on our range of casting solutions contact us here.