Best random articles I read today.

July 9, 2019

I went online to read an article and I left 2 hours later after reading about 45 articles and not all were interesting. Such is the modern day of always being connected to too much information, all the time. Through today’s surfing journey I read about Brexit, Trump, Hong Kong, and a host of other heavy subjects that I won’t bore you with.

Instead I will share with you some random articles that I thought were interesting with some quick thoughts on each. Too much heavy reading on the internet these days, here is a bit of fun.

Check them out ๐Ÿ™‚

AMAZON TINY HOUSE – coming from a mixed background of product development, manufacturing, and property development I find this offer from Amazon intriguing. This is a really quick read and as you will see it is not really a house they are selling but tiny houses and accents to properties are pretty big right now. I think when a player like Amazon can sell a product like this through their platform it will be a big boost to the tiny house (structure) players. I expect low end offerings like this to rise.

BANANA LEAVES FOR PACKAGING – I actually read this article or a similar one quite some time ago but it is making the rounds on social media again and getting a lot of traction. Why didn’t we think of this earlier? Like many things in life until the cheap unsustainable model becomes toxic (plastic) we are slow to change. Although this article is trending big there is not a huge shift to this in supermarkets as yet, but it would be nice to see. Most veg and fruit I buy has no packaging as I buy at farmer markets and most fruit and veg really don’t need any packaging at all but for a sustainable solution for big chain grocery this is an interesting approach and will work in some geographic areas and hopefully spurn on copycats.

NETFLIX IN TROUBLE, MAYBE – Going out on a limb here but I am quite confident in saying that most of you have Netflix, or a similar streaming product. My feeling for a while with all the M&A in entertainment that the Netflix model was in trouble. 1. They don’t own the bulk of their library. 2. They don’t own the infrastructure to deliver their product and worse their product is what cord cutting is all about. Their product is killing revenue for the very companies who deliver their product. Netflix might survive as they are heavy into new original content but they are about to seriously go up against some huge players who own most of the content are only just starting in streaming now. I am pulling for you Netflix!

ARE AUTONOMOUS VEHICLES SAFE? – The future will be autonomous but you won’t see me in one of these vehicles anytime soon. Maybe in 20 years or so. For now I will let others be the guinea pigs. I think the entire industry is a good example of how tech is faster than everything else around it including how to govern emerging technology. I predict a lot of emerging tech will face unknown hurdles as governments quickly catch up. In tech’s favour? Government is not really quick.

SOCIAL MEDIA GOES DOWN – This article just makes me shake my head. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with us, including me. Social media goes down, you can’t post a pic in 10 seconds and everyone freaks out. When this happened I had more than one person ask me what the problem was, you know, because I create content for social media so I should have a direct line to Zuckerberg. Chill out. Is this the new norm? Are we that addicted to social media that we can’t put our phones down for an hour and do something else like take a walk outside or read a book? I think we all know the answers to my questions. Social media has become a real problem for most, myself included. We simply need to put the phones down people and go smell the flowers ๐Ÿ™‚

So there you have it. A few random articles that you may find interesting. Take a break and have a read. Hit us back with some other links that you may find interesting and i will include them in next weeks blog. Cheerio.

Gary Moran

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