Problems Communicating with Chinese supplier – Not with HLH

Customers who come to us for low volume injection molding and prototypes are often under pressure to get the parts as fast as they can. This means we need to get things right the first time. This means we need to ensure communication is as clear as possible.


One of the things central to HLH is to make working with us as easy and hassle-free as possible. We spend a lot of time and energy on making sure communication is clear and understood. This is the key to us being able to deliver low volume injection molded parts and products in rapid lead times, we get the right first time, every time.


Working on design and engineering projects is very complex and the chance for error and misunderstanding is great. Communication is the source of many of these errors. This can be especially true when working with China and even more so when deadlines are tight.


Here are some of the common communication failures

  • One party assumes something that is not communicated to the other
  • Omissions in communications; one party forgets or fails to communicate something to the other
  • One party communicates something badly
  • One party misinterprets a communication
  • The two parties are discussing different things
  • Levels of understanding differ


What we do to combat these and other breakdowns in communication is to assume that we know nothing, and question everything that is not clear. We have very clear process we take people through and this ensures that all of the information we require to deliver high-quality injection molded parts and prototypes is obtained. We have specially trained engineers and estimators who are trained to look for gaps in information and ask for clarification on anything which is unclear.


We use images to communicate as far as possible, as it is true a picture speaks a thousand words.


Our track record and current delivery levels for both on time and quality are incredibly high and improving. A lot of this is down to the time and energy we invest in reducing errors in communication.


HLH, we make things (clear) for you

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