Don’t forget about Sheet Metal :)

In a world gone plastic, it can be easy to forget how sheet metal can be a great manufacturing option for enclosures as well as other parts. There are many reasons why sheet metal is an option to consider for enclosures. Here are 5 quick examples of how sheet metal may be the solution you have been looking for.

1. Sheet Metal saves you money. Injection mold tooling for plastic parts is expensive and can get really expensive for large parts. Sheet metal fabrication can often be started with no upfront costs or relatively little costs when compared to injection molding.

2. Sheet Metal saves you time. You can go from CAD to sheet metal parts very quickly once a project is approved. There is no long tooling fabrication wait time.

3. Sheet Metal gives you design flexibility. Sheet metal is easier to work with than plastic. It is pliable, bendable, and flexible. Also, with sheet metal, if you need a post part fabrication cut out for your enclosure, as an example, this is not a big issue.

4. Sheet Metal is robust. It is more durable than plastic enclosures and can withstand heat better than plastic enclosures. Both of these features will extend the life of your part.

5. Sheet Metal is aesthetically pleasing. If can look great untreated, which is a good option for sterile environments and looks really sharp when finished via powder-coating.

Sheet metal is a great option to consider for any volume of enclosures. It simply beats plastic in many cases but is often forgotten. For more on Sheet Metal check out HLH’s capabilities below…and, our MOQ starts at 1.

Our rapid sheet metal prototyping and production services include a variety of tooled and manual manufacturing techniques and processes enabling us to realise some highly complex parts without expensive and time-consuming production tooling.

HLH Sheet Metal Equipment
1 x Laser Cutter (3000W 1.5m x 3m)

2 x Laser Cutters (1500W 1.5m x 3m)

2 x Bending Machine (3m – 100T)

5 x Bending Machine (1.5m – 30T)

3 x Hydraulic Presses (600T)

6 x Rivet Machines
2 x Welders
8 x Tappers

At our sheet metal workshop we encompass bending, shearing, staking, laser, stamping, and wire cutting, as well as CNC punching, CNC folding, drilling, tapping, countersinking, and counterboring. Our team of highly experienced craftsmen have been manipulating sheet metal for years and come from a wide range of backgrounds.

Typical Sheet Metal Finishes @ HLH
Mechanical Polishing – Hand Polishing
Brushed – Bead Blasted – Patterned
Painted – Powder Coated – Plating

Typical Materials Used @ HLH
Aluminium – Stainless Steel (CRES)
Cold Rolled Steel (CRS)
Hot Rolled Steel (HRS)
Galvanized CR – Galvaneal
Copper – Brass – Silver – Zinc

Typical Rapid Sheet Metal Parts/Projects @ HLH
Sheet Metal Enclosures – Sheet Metal Casing
Sheet Metal Chassis – Sheet Metal Brackets
Sheet Metal Consoles – Sheet Metal Mounts
Sheet Metal Frames – Sheet Metal Contacts
Sheet Metal Rack – Sheet Metal Cabinets

At HLH, we make things for you. Talk to our team today.


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