Fun for Friday. Organic Alarm Clock

A little fun for Friday at HLH.

There are simple alarm clocks and there are digital alarm clocks, but nothing beats my new organic alarm clock. It is the best alarm clock you can possess, it will always wake you up.

I should know, over the year’s I have possessed many alarm clocks, because, if not, I would for sure sleep in just about every day 🙂 The mechanical wind-up alarm clock, I had that clunker. The digital wrist watch alarm clock from the 80’s, I had that, plus it had a calculator, way cool. The alarm clock radio, with a snooze button, that snooze button was heaven. The travel alarm clock that runs on batteries, it never worked right. The smartphone alarm clock, I have that one right now, because who doesn’t? But of all the alarm clocks I have possessed in my life this new organic alarm clock is by far the best.

People I know had been raving about their new organic alarm clocks, I checked out what all the fuss was about and I was pretty impressed with the majority of the models I saw. Some, however, were not so great. So a little over a year ago I decided to give it a go. I didn’t get my organic alarm clock right away, but I knew that I would get one soon. When I finally got it, the size was a bit bigger than a typical alarm clock but you get used to that. As with any alarm clock, there are pros and cons to consider, but with an organic alarm clock, there is a bit more to consider so weigh up your options carefully.

Organic Alarm Clock Cons

No snooze button
Hard to set time
Can go off randomly, although improves over time.

Organic Alarm Clock Pros

No batteries required
Always works
Always loud enough
Starts smiling at you as soon as you turn off the alarm

If you don’t have one of these organic alarm clocks I highly recommend it. Below is a picture of mine. This organic alarm clock never fails to wake me up early, ever! Have a good weekend 🙂

Gary Moran

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