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Rapid prototyping can be accomplished in different ways. CNC machining is a good choice if you’re looking for a high-precision, quick, and robust part manufacturing solution. Today, you can outsource online CNC machining services to China to further reduce costs and ensure a fast turnaround. Many rapid prototyping companies exist in China, but only a handful may work closely with you in your best interests. HLH Prototypes is one of the leading choices for discerning foreign product designers, engineers, and manufacturers seeking an experienced and trustworthy service provider. 

What makes the best CNC machining service?

CNC machining is a subtractive manufacturing method that molds a billet or block of plastic or metal into your desired shape or design with a series of drill bits and tools. The process is automated and computer-controlled but requires tight tolerances to ensure the highest quality results. HLH Prototypes control tolerances to DIN-2768-1 Medium for plastics and DIN-2678-1 Fine for metals.

Well-equipped for CNC machining

HLH Prototypes prides itself as among the reputable online CNC machining services in China for investing in reliable and proven technologies and equipment to deliver the best results. Its CNC machining services deliver custom parts and prototypes from a wide range of metals and plastics, so you should find the best material for your project. It also maintains over 50 high-precision CNC mills and other equipment, such as 3.4- and 5-axis machines, CNC lathes, surface grinding machines, and sink and wire EDMs, allowing them to provide custom CNC machining for every project.

Advantages of the service for your project

Online CNC machining services are repeatable, fast, and ideal for low-volume manufacturing. HLH Prototypes has a team of experts to work closely with you on your project. They can review your project and share tips to aid your design and make your product more suitable for CNC machining. For instance, they may recommend keeping the hole depth at or below a ratio of 10:1 to avoid deep hole drilling after machining.

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