HLH Rapid Manufacturing Facility – Photo Tour

It’s Friday, the weekend is in sight, a few last emails, a bit of office banter and then head for the door, which leads to family, friends, and relaxation. In honour of Friday, I won’t blather on too much today, instead, here is a partial photo tour of our rapid manufacturing facility. Partial because it is Friday for me too 🙂

IMG_7158 IMG_7179a IMG_7386 IMG_7387IMG_7504 IMG_7510 IMG_7522 IMG_7546 IMG_7745 IMG_7748 IMG_7782 IMG_7787 IMG_7802IMG_7824IMG_7807 IMG_7827 IMG_7842 IMG_7846 IMG_7873 IMG_7878 IMG_7897 IMG_7900

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