3D Printing and its Benefits

The latest sensation in the world of technology is three dimensional printing, popularly known as 3D printing. Basically, this can be defined as the process of producing 3D objects of any shape and form. The printing is done employing an additive approach, where layers of materials are laid down in various shapes and that is why other name of 3D printing is additive manufacturing or rapid prototyping.

The entire 3D printing process begins with a digital file. The printer uses the digital 3D model as a guide and deposits microscopically flat layers of the raw materials (these are often metal, glass, synthetic resin, ceramic powder etc.) step by step and progressively builds up the 3D object. Here are a few uses of 3D printers: construction projects, aerospace, automotive applications, jewelry production, sculpture making, toys making, making architectural visualization to pre-visualize prior to making the main architectural copy, etc. There are many benefits of 3D printing:

1. Typical manufacturing relies on moulding and cutting methods to build different structures and shapes. 3D printing technology alters this process – 3D printer can easily create lots of complicated figures.

2. It helps in new combinations of materials. Many companies today provide various materials producing the texture and appearance of metal, ceramics or even glass with a range of strengths and heat resistance.

3.Manufacturing plastic and metal objects generally is a wasteful process. But 3D printing reduces waste dramatically. Big cost savings can be accomplished this way and a smaller amount of waste does mean a lesser effect on the environment.

4. 3D printing allows companies to save up to 70 % of the manufacturing cost due to cheaper raw materials and lesser workforce required. As a result the technology makes companies more profitable.

5. The speed of 3D printing is faster than the traditional process. With industrial 3D printing methods being able to produce a product in several hours, the traditional manufacturing methods, taking up to two or even more days.

The beauty of 3D printing is its versatility, and so can even be used for health and medical industries in creating parts for the human body or prosthetics. There are some reputed 3D printing manufacturers who can provide you cost-effective services. With costs of 3D printing machines coming down all the time, the revolution has firmly arrived.

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