SXF1 Hybrid-Electric Aircraft

HLH Quality inspection equipment

The Team HLH

HLH Prototypes

Tooling and Injection Molding facilities at HLH

Vacuum casting tour at HLH

SLA 3D printing facilities tour at HLH

CNC machining tour at HLH

SLS Industrial 3D printing at HLH

3D printing process at HLH

Packaging – how we protect your precious parts

FDM at HLH with Juli

MJP at HLH with Sara

Rapid Injection Molding at HLH

Project Team leader Susie Su from HLH

Die Casting

Plastic CNC machining

SLA 3D printing – parts preliminary post processing

HLH quality control – how we check threads

Packaging @ HLH

HLH – QC equipment explained – Height gauges

HLH QC Equipment – Hardness tester

HLH QC Equipment – PMI master Pro

Quality control thread guages

Quality control projection microscope

HLH Presentation 2020 – James Murphy

Erica rapid project review tips

Did you know? Sunnie design tips

Injection Molding Tip – Rolin

SLS with Emma

Injection Molding Tip – Yvonne

SLS Design Tip – Sara

Vacuum Casting Tip – Anna Long

QC – Precise Measurements

QC – Material Identification

CNC Machining @ HLH

Our MOQ is 1.

Rapid sheet metal parts.

Physical security matters.

Never stop investing!

James on anodizing parts.

I see robots…everywhere.

Shiny happy parts.

James on Automotive parts.

James talks overmolding.

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