FDM at HLH with Juli

MJP at HLH with Sara

Rapid Injection Molding at HLH

Project Team leader Susie Su from HLH

Die Casting

Plastic CNC machining

SLA 3D printing – parts preliminary post processing

HLH quality control – how we check threads

Packaging @ HLH

HLH – QC equipment explained – Height gauges

HLH QC Equipment – Hardness tester

HLH QC Equipment – PMI master Pro

Quality control thread guages

Quality control projection microscope

HLH Presentation 2020 – James Murphy

Erica rapid project review tips

Did you know? Sunnie design tips

Injection Molding Tip – Rolin

SLS with Emma

Injection Molding Tip – Yvonne

SLS Design Tip – Sara

Vacuum Casting Tip – Anna Long

QC – Precise Measurements

QC – Material Identification

CNC Machining @ HLH

Our MOQ is 1.

Rapid sheet metal parts.

Physical security matters.

Never stop investing!

James on anodizing parts.

I see robots…everywhere.

Shiny happy parts.

James on Automotive parts.

James talks overmolding.

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