Projet MJP 3D Printing

Projet MJP 3D printing from 3D Systems is the latest technology for producing high speed, accurate to CAD precision parts and prototypes. In ultra HD mode even features as small as 300 microns can be printed. When you need high resolution there is no better choice.

Advantages of Projet MJP

  • High speed
  • High resolution
  • High temp materials
  • Greater design freedom due to easy remove support material

What is it used for?

Projet MJP is a fantastic choice for high resolution, detailed parts and models. Often utilised for concept modelling and communication, sales and marketing models. The high speed throughput makes it a great choice for rapid design iteration for rigid plastic or elastomeric products. Some of the materials enable biocompatible medical devices to be made quickly. It can also be used for jigs, fixtures and tools.

Projet MJP design tips

Due to the easy remove wax support material parts designed for Projet MJP benefit from a great deal of design freedom. The high resolution enables very detailed parts which are accurate to CAD.

To talk to us about Projet MJP for prototype or production get in touch with our team here

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