Who owns HLH?

HLH is majority owned by Mr Vader Yu. There are two minor shareholders James Murphy and Jason Ke.

Where is HLH registered?

HLH has a registered office in Hong Kong, the main office is registered and based in Shenzhen, China and our manufacturing facility is based and registered in Dongguan, China.

What locations does HLH operate from?

HLH's >12000sqm factory is located in DalingShan, Dongguan and the head office, accounts and projects teams are in Shajing, Shenzhen.

Is HLH financially secure?

HLH is a profitable business with zero outstanding debt.

What if I am not happy?

If the parts reach you and for whatever reason you are not satisfied you should notify HLH within 7 days of receiving the parts and we will replace or rework for free.

How long to get a quote?

We aim to quote all prototype projects within 24 hours. All rapid tooling projects within 24 hours. All injection molding, production and export tooling within 3 days. There are sometimes processes and materials which HLH does not offer in house; these could add time to the quotation and will be highlighted as and when.

How do you manage quality?

Stage One: full DFM at time of quotation by highly experienced engineers. They will highlight any problem areas or make suggestions for changes. Stage Two: incoming inspection of materials with our own PIM Spectrometer Stage Three: Full QC inspection and report before shipping

What are HLH’s shipping terms?

All projects are DDU unless otherwise stated. This means the quote includes all freight and charges to a port of your choice. Any and all import and other taxes in your country are your own responsibility. If you require different shipping terms these can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

What tolerances can you achieve?

HLH generally work to ISO 2768-1 (F for machined metal, M for machined plastic, C for vacuum casting). We can sometime hit tighter tolerances, but this depends on the part geometry and material. If you require tighter tolerances than the ISO standard stated above these must be stated and negotiated at the time of quotation.

What type of files do you accept for quoting?

As far as possible we prefer a step or iges file for quoting along with a 2D engineering drawing with key dimensions and tolerances detailed. For 3D printing an .obj or .stl is needed. We can quote some projects from a 2D drawing only but this is generally more time consuming.

Do HLH have offices or reps anywhere else in the world?

HLH have a number of employees and reps in different parts of the world. The contact details are listed below. West Coast USA: Peter Vigil, peter@hlhprototypes.com, Tel: +1 415-754-3885 Michigan and North East USA: Matt Bechtold, mbechtold32@gmail.com, Tel: +1 (248) 230-0772 UK and Europe: James Murphy, Tel: +44-203-287-6819, james@hlhprototypes.com India: T. +1-315-636-6511, T. +91-8275-305-605, Jitendra.m@HLHPrototypes.com

What is HLH’s business registration number?

Hong Kong: 6403-5742-000-11-17-6 China: 4403 0007 9807 308

What certifications does HLH have?

HLH is currently certified ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016.

What is HLH’s DUNS number?


What about credit and payment terms?

We generally request customers work to our standard payment terms for at least the first order. These are 50% deposit and 50% prior to shipping. It is possible to negotiate other payment terms such as Net 30, but these are agreed on a case by case basis.

How can I pay?

We accept payment via bank transfer to Hong Kong or China. Payment is also accepted via Paypal though there is a 4% service charge for this. Paypal can accept certain credit card transactions.

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