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Rapid prototyping via CNC machining delivers high speed, high precision, and robust rapid part manufacturing solutions. You take a block or billet of material and cut away at it with a series of tools and drill bits, removing material to make CNC machined parts or products. At HLH, tolerances are controlled to DIN-2678-1 Fine for metals and Medium for plastics as standard for CNC prototypes.

How Rapid Machining Works – At HLH, our CNC machining services deliver parts made from a wide range of plastics and metals. Over 50 high precision CNC mills, lathes, sink and wire EDMs, and surface grinding machines help us deliver custom CNC machining for many industries. We deliver rapid prototyping solutions.

3, 4 and 5 axis machines are available at HLH. A massive range of materials both metal and plastics are available at HLH. To view the wide range of Materials used in our CNC prototype service, click here.


I would like to congratulate you and your company with your service and prototyping quality. The communication with our company was very clear and constructive. The prototypes have a very good quality and the delivery speed are fantastic. With your prototypes we can communicate better and faster with our clients and give them a glance of how the product will look and feel like.Ing. Marc E.J. Van Strydonck Industrial designer

Marc E.J. Van Strydonck Industrial designer

Hi HLH, I received the CNC prototypes last week and have spent the past few days assembling them. I would like to thank you and HLH for the work you have done CNC machining these parts and for delivering them to us as quickly as possible. I look forward to working with HLH again as new projects arise in the future.

Jamie Booth

We have always been very impressed by the level of service and quality provided by HLH. HLH gives our company a real competitive advantage in allowing us to provide our clients with quick and cost effective pre-production quality prototypes.

Danny Kane

The prototypes arrived this morning and they look great. Thank you very much for your work on this project and your prompt and thorough communication. We will certainly be in contact again in the future.

Gareth Lauchlan, BDes ID

We have worked with HLH Prototypes on a number of projects over the past year and have always been very satisfied with their services. We have produce with them high quality rapid prototypes for testing before tooling as a means to make sure we have the best design possible.

We will surely be continuing our working relationship with HLH Prototypes in many years to come

Michael Kitchenham

I would like to convey my sincere thanks to your company for all the work you have provided over the past year in helping to create parts for our models and the dedication you brought to our projects.

Not only was the work done to a high standard, and with considerable speed despite the harsh deadlines, but with the kindest and warmest of attitudes. I am delighted to have worked with your company, and would definitely recommend you to others.

Matthew Shaw

Thank you very much again for your teams speed and effectiveness in producing our RP molds. The quality in finish as always was fantastic especially the clear plastic parts.

Our engineers were just commenting on how the quality in the surface and spray finishing are superior to the models that we had received before from other China based RP houses in the past.

Like the previous years, we look forward to displaying your RP models as various international toy trade shows, where they have proven themselves in the past with strength and durability

Chen Kit Li – Chief Designer

HLH Prototypes. What can’t they prototype?

We have had everything from soft rubber to hard plastics, various grades of aluminum to stainless steel parts prototyped via HLH to characterize the performance and gain high level of confidence on design months before actual verification parts and data is available. We have used many of their arsenals of processes from SLA, CNC mill, lathe, forming, wire-cutting, EDM, vacuum cast and my favorite – custom springs. Product development is so much more progressive and easier with HLH as your prototype partner.

Han Hwang, R&D Manager

CNC machining
CNC machining
CNC machining services
precision cnc machining
cnc machining

Advantages Of Precision CNC Machining

  • Fast and repeatable for low volume manufacturing
  • CNC prototypes deliver on precise and high tolerance specifications
  • Wide range of production and rapid prototype manufacturing materials
  • Rapid machining offers great surface finishing

CNC Machined parts are precise and have high tolerance specifications; the process itself is fast and a wide range of materials can be used. Due to these qualities, CNC is a popular choice in the automotive industry.

Custom CNC Machining Is Used For

Precision CNC machining parts and rapid prototyping, metal parts, performance plastics, and low-mid volume rapid machining production runs. When it comes to China CNC machining or custom CNC machining in general, our approach is: provide highly flexible rapid low volume manufacturing solutions that deliver superior parts, fast.

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precision CNC machining

CNC Machining Services Tips

Each rapid prototyping service has its own unique design rules that, if followed, will help you design highly successful rapid prototypes. For precision CNC machining there are many simple design rules that will generally improve your CNC prototype design and will not adversely affect the overall look or functionality of your part made via low volume manufacturing.

Hole depth is one design tip example. Try to keep the hole depth to diameter ratio at 10:1 or less to make for easy CNC machining. Anything deeper than this could require a deep hole drilling process step. To get HLH Prototypes top prototype manufacturing design tips for precision machining click here.

For further rapid prototyping design tips including: prototype injection molding design tips, vacuum casting design tips (urethane molding), 3D printing prototype design tips (including SLA prototype and SLS prototype) check out our rapid prototype manufacturing design tip page.

Our core focus is rapid prototypes that start with an MOQ of 1 and low volume manufacturing solutions up to 100,000 parts. We don’t box you into rapid manufacturing solutions that are good for us. Instead we work with you to create bespoke solutions that work for your project needs. At HLH Prototypes, we make things for you…FAST!

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