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James Murphy

James has over 12 years’ experience in rapid manufacturing and prototyping. As HLH’s vice GM he is dedicated to ensuring HLH delivers the best quality and service for its clients.

James’ experience of various manufacturing technologies, western standards and Chinese business have enabled him to create a unique culture at HLH. James works closely with all the project managers and is always on hand when needed.

You can reach James at James@HLHPrototypes.com and T: +86-1501 8531380

Peter Vigil

Over the past 17 years Peter has focused extensively on delivering results for clients from around the world in the field of rapid manufacturing with services such as 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing, CNC Machining, Sheet Metal Work, Urethane Casting, Injection Moulding, Die-Casting, Appearance Models and so much more.

Although he is on the road about 70% of the time he is also very generous with his time volunteering for animal charities and taking up humanitarian causes. Pete works China hours on the West Coast of CA so you don’t have to.

T. +1 415-754-3885 | Peter@HLHPrototypes.com | Skype: Prototype-Peter

Cloud Downey

Post BSEET Cloud was fascinated with the mixture of leading-edge technology and sales leading to experience in sales, marketing and management for both US domestic and Japanese firms including GM responsibility to launch a ‘factory automation’ division in electronics manufacturing. Along the way was a five-year period as an independent Sales-Rep where he co-founded the cross border (Arizona/Sonora) chapter of the Surface Mount Technology Association.

His meditation is morning cycling on Florida’s A1A .

T. +1-224-623-9341 | Cloud@HLH-Rapid.com 

Matt Bechtold

When you’re working with people and their businesses, a strong mix of skills is always essential. Matt has 20+ years of experience in product development, tooling and a wide range of prototyping processes and optimization.

His focus is on great customer experience and excellent customer service, helping my clients achieve their goals. Located in Michigan and covering the Midwest.

T. +1 248=230-0772 | Matt.B@HLHPrototypes.com

Nissan He

With a background in mechanical engineering, Nissan is a great fit for a wide variety of projects. A senior project manager, with over 8 years at HLH, Nissan oversees a team of project managers who have been involved with 1000’s of projects servicing industries such as automotive, aerospace, and automation, to name a few.

An analytical thinking who tackles any project problem that may arise head on. Always looking for quick solutions when possible.

T. +86-755-8256-9129 x 814 | Nissan.He@HLHPrototypes.com

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