Case Studies

Overmold Rapid Tooling

ProtoTool & Injection Molding PROJECT - Fabricate low-volume tooling and deliver 30 overmold parts to client for testing using the same material that will be used...

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Rapid Tooling Package (23 Tools)

ProtoTools & Low-Volume Injection Molding PROJECT - A 10 week time line to deliver 23 tools and 200 sets of parts to client for testing before...

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CNC Case Study – Yellow Robot

CNC Machining Prototype & Assembly PROJECT - produce over 70 individual CNC machined parts in 2 weeks and assemble before shipping the robot and controller to...

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Automotive Air Duct

Injection Molding ProtoTool PROJECT - Deliver a ProtoTool and 50 parts for testing in 3 weeks. Part is for a car air duct system. ISSUE -...

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Housing and Fixture

Rapid Tooling & Part Fixture PROJECT - Faraday required 80 large injection molded parts with extreme accuracy plus part fixtures to assist with assembly. ISSUE -...

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