Automotive Air Duct

Injection Molding ProtoTool

PROJECT – Deliver a ProtoTool (rapid tooling) and 50 parts for testing in 3 weeks. Part is for a car air duct system.

ISSUE – Although this was an internal part perfection was called for to reduce noise (created by air flow) as much as possible. No flash and no interior surface imperfections would achieve the desired end result.

SOLUTION – In a word, achieve perfection. Perfect tool finishing and extra attention paid to quality control processes during injection molding.

RESULT – ProtoTool fabricated on time. Parts delivered within 3 weeks.

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Project Summary

Rapid injection molding is a common project request from our Automotive customers.

There is a lot of testing required on many Automotive parts and time lines are tight. That is where our experience in rapid prototyping comes in.
Rapid prototype work requires excellent quality the first time around. If quality was lacking we would not last long in the rapid prototyping world.

It is that attention to detail and quality in rapid prototyping that helps us win projects when it comes to rapid low-volume injection molding. Deliver parts fast and deliver excellence.

SERVICE: Rapid Tooling & Low-Volume Injection Molding.

QUANTITY: 1 Tool – 50 Parts


FINISHING: Straight From Mold

LEAD TIME: 21 Days

This injection molding project was about paying extra attention to the fabrication processes and quality control. Not all interior parts need to be perfect because many are never seen.

This part was never seen but perfection was required for desired functionality.

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