It goes without saying that quality is vital to the success of any manufacturing project. When it comes to rapid manufacturing the importance is magnified due to the need to get it right the first time. At HLH we employ many different quality control measures to ensure your rapid project not only gets done on time but also meets your stated specs. Below is a quick snapshot showing the steps involved in making your rapid parts.

Below are a couple of videos showing you how HLH tackles two of the biggest quality control problems in rapid manufacturing. Material identification checks and dimensional accuracy checks. How do we know that the material you specified is the material we used to fabricate your rapid parts? It starts with good relationships with RAW material suppliers but the only way to know for sure is to invest in technology that allows us to independently verify. When it comes to dimensional accuracy checks we also rely on technology when high accuracy measurements are called for.

Drawings Received
First, we need to receive your 3D drawings (stp, step, igs, iges format), and quote according to your needs such as Quantity, material, surface finish, etc..

Design Review & DFM
Analyze whether the drawing conforms to the mold production, identify potential problems that may occur in the manufacturing process, and adjust your design to achieve more successful production and reduce costs.

Engineering & Process Plan
Before the mold is assembled into the injecting machine, the drawing needs to be programmed, which allows us to clearly view the process when the material enters the mold, so as to further adjust and modify.

In-process Checks
After the mold is completed, assemble it into the injecting machine. During the processing of injecting, we will check whether the machine is running normally(or not), make some necessary tool adjustments and produce a new sample T1.

Post Process Dimension Checks
After surface finish of T1 sample according to customer’s specified requirements, dimension inspection will be carried out again.

Final Checks
In the last step, according to the analysis of the T1 sample, check whether the mold needs to be adjusted and test whether the T1 sample meets the prior requirements.

Packing & Shipping
After the T1 sample is tested to meet the prior requirements, the T1 sample can be packaged and shipped.

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