Side Mirror – Vacuum Casting

Rapid Prototyping With Painting

PROJECT – Side mirror for a car door. Only 30 sets were required in total from 3 different silicone tools.

ISSUE – A fairly standard project for us but a quick delivery of 7 days for first test parts with a perfect paint finish required extra attention.

SOLUTION – We assigned extra priority for this project in our paint shop as this was the crucial step for matching the time line needs of the client.

RESULT – Initial parts delivered within 7 days with the follow up parts coming a week later, matching client time line.

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With any rapid manufacturing project there are always one or two sticking points that we need to pay particular attention with.

Time lines are often the biggest reason of concern for any of our manufacturing processes. When you pair quick turnaround or the basic geometry with a surface finish post manufacturing the attention to time line and first time execution is intensified.

With tight time lines there is no room for mistakes, no room for “we forgot this one ‘little’ point”. Project management execution is critical for rapid parts.

Each time we have a very quick time line to execute we work with the client to see precisely what their needs really are, to make sure we are offering them the best possible solution.

SERVICES: Vacuum Casting

QUANTITY: 30 sets (3 components per)

MATERIALS: PX223 (similar to PA)


LEAD TIME: 7 days for first 10 sets. The
rest 1 week after our client
confirmed test parts ok.

From a project management perspective it is vitally important to recognize any potential bottleneck area for each project before it becomes a potential issue.

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