7 Reasons we should make parts for you

HLH are already one of the leading players in China prototyping and low volume part manufacturing. There are a number of reasons our clients keep coming back to work with us time and time again. Here are the seven main factors that mean we should be making parts for you.

  1. We have multiple technologies under one roof. HLH have over 12000m2 (130000ft2) of dedicated manufacturing space across six floors. Our massive range of services includes;
    Low volume injection molding
    CNC machining – milling and turning
    3D Printing – SLA, SLS and SLM
    Vacuum casting
    Rapid Sheet Metal
    Rapid die casting
  2. Rapid lead times. New product development is high pressure and increasingly fast. HLH thrive under tight deadlines, we live for speed. Due to our sheer size, the number of people and equipment we have and our mature and ever-improving processes we can guarantee super-fast lead times for many projects.
    3D printing – 1 day
    CNC machining – 3 days
    Injection molding – 14 days
  3. We are incredibly cost-effective. Quality and speed are fantastic but everything has a budget. HLH is based in China, which is still a low-cost option for manufacturing. We also have cross-departmental teams tasked with keeping waste and costs down that allow us to pass these savings on to you.
  4. Secure IP HLH is the only company in our industry in China and one of the few globally to have been certified ISO 27001 for data protection. We are secure, we respect your IP and we will protect it.
  5. Flexibility. We are a customer-centered operation. We understand there is no one size fits all option for manufacturing and requirements change not only company to company but also project to project.
  6. Knowledge. We have skilled, trained engineers who can draw upon a broad and varied toolbox of experience and can access information quickly and easily.
  7. Superior service. To back all of this up we also have some of the best customer service in the industry. Our team is ready to put in extra for you 24/7. We are always on hand to help and very thankful for your business.

Our team is on hand to help, get in touch for a free quote and project review info@hlhprototypes.com

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