Accomplishing Prototypes without Sacrificing Quality

If you want something done quickly then you need to ensure that the company you hire can accomplish it without sacrificing quality or accuracy. Prototypes can be built using several different methods but one of the most popular for certain applications is rapid injection molding because it is rapid, affordable and accurate. This technique involves creating an injection mold tool and realising the product in the actual production materials.

The tools are run on normal injection moulding machines and the material is heated and injected into the mold under pressure to simulate the real parameters.

Quality control is extremely important here and it is their job to ensure that the sample meets the customer’s specifications and designs without which all time saved via the rapid tooling process will be lost with bad parts..

As soon as approved then production tools can be manufactured. The rapid injection molding process allows for prototyping and pre-series market testing. It is fast and accurate and is one of the preferred methods allowing customers to order at the last minute knowing that they will receive a quality product in a short period of time.

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