Advantages and Uses of China Injection Mold

China is easily one of the widely preferred countries for low-cost manufacturing solutions, like injection molding. Discerning product designers and manufacturers consider China injection mold services to save money and time, especially when they’re in a hurry to introduce their products to the market. And you should, too! Let’s discuss the reasons why:


Injection molding is a versatile process for end-use manufacturing or rapid prototyping. Rapid tooling or bridge tooling can create up to 100,000 production-quality parts for low-volume production requirements out of production resins. That makes the service practical for end-use prototype manufacturing, meaning the parts are production-grade, but with lower costs and shorter lead times than complete production tooling.

Depending on your project’s requirements, reputable China injection mold companies can produce plastic molding tools from aluminum or steel. They may recommend steel for custom injection molding, especially to create low-volume end-use parts.


Manufacturers use production-grade materials for the molds and the injection-molded parts to enhance the prototyping. These parts can be used for market testing, too. Outsourcing injection molding to China can also improve your chances of marketing the products to the local market. Some companies can work closely with you to support your supply chain and marketing efforts.

Low production costs

Working with an injection molding company from China can reduce your production costs without compromising the output volume. The upfront investment is significantly lower when compared to choosing a local company. That is one of the main reasons product designers and manufacturers don’t mind outsourcing to China.

Make more products quickly.

Competent China injection mold manufacturers can fulfill projects in a shorter period while ensuring high-quality results. This way, you accomplish your prototyping process quickly and get ahead of your competition when you can bring your product to the market on time. Just make sure they have in-house quality control teams and quality assurance protocols in place and that they have ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001 certifications.

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