The Advantages 3D Printing could bring to Your Organization

Developing a prototype doesn’t have to be a costly and time-consuming process.

There are different methods that can ensure that your development phase is speedy and accurate, namely injection molding, CNC machining, or a 3D printing prototype service. Also known as additive manufacturing, 3D printing is considered to be the future of prototyping and low-volume rapid manufacturing because it ensures the delivery of high-quality and high-precision parts consistently. By choosing this prototyping method, you can speed up the production of prototypes and reduce the time it takes for you to test and analyze your product before end production. Here are more of the advantages that 3D printing can bring:


  • Versatility – A reputable 3D printing prototype service includes SLA and SLS printing. Both are suitable for rapid prototyping and ensure good surface finishes, but they also have individual perks. SLA 3D printing is ideal for creating accurate aesthetic models, as it uses a precise laser to cure the liquid resin in a build chamber, so it builds accurate parts per layer. SLS delivers functional rapid prototypes and low-volume end-use components. It uses a precision laser that fuses powder material per layer to create strong and accurate nylon parts.


  • Accuracy and versatility – Objects produced with CAD can be made accurately with custom 3D printing. Even complex geometries are possible, whether you are building functional models or aesthetic prototypes. You can also consider the service for creating functional prototypes, master patterns or models, low-volume production parts, and quick fit, form, and function rapid prototypes.


  • Quick delivery – When you need rapid prototypes fast, consider a 3D printing prototype service. Just be sure that it is provided by a reputable rapid prototyping service provider that has a proven track record of delivering high-quality results fast.


  • Better quality – Conventional manufacturing and prototyping processes are often hit or miss. They could result in inconsistent results and poor designs, causing low-quality prototypes that can get in the way of your ability to analyze your product. 3D printing eliminates all those problems, as the process is fully automated. So, it ensures consistent,  high-quality results.


  • Cost-effective – Labor costs tend to increase the price of prototype development, especially when traditional methods are used. A 3D printing prototype service can reduce all of that, as machinery can be handled by just one operator. With a prototype that is faithful to your drawing or design, you can easily test it and determine any flaws.

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