An Overview of Direct Metal Laser Sintering

Whether you need to build denser and denser metal parts for prototyping or low-volume end-use production, direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) could be the 3D printing technology for you. It accurately crafts parts of complex geometries one layer at a time by sintering your preferred metal powders together. It’s a versatile process that can create highly complex shapes, which would otherwise be almost impossible to build using other methods, like metal casting.

Does the process sound familiar? It might be because of selective laser sintering (SLS) 3D printing. However, DMLS and SLS are different; in terms of the types of materials used to create your prototypes and products. In DMLS 3D printing, any metals that can withstand high temperatures without burning may be used, such as tool steel, titanium, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel.

Knowing more about DMLS can help you decide if it’s suitable for your next project. Here is an overview of the process and its benefits:

Common applications

Direct metal laser sintering is ideal for manufacturing metal parts with complex geometries or shapes. So, it is used often for crafting parts that require more detail and structural soundness is not a priority. It offers a quicker, seamless, and cost-effective means to do so. DMLS is used extensively in part consolidation and weight-saving applications; and in the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

Benefits of DMLS

DMLS 3D printing is versatile for building functional prototypes and parts from a range of metals. It ensures denser and sturdier parts, with faster turnaround times to let you introduce your product to the market ahead of your competition.

Quality controls

To ensure vital quality control measures, direct metal laser sintering involves a range of tools to carefully check the outcomes. Be sure the service provider has international certification standards, such as ISO 9001 to show that they have stringent systems to guarantee consistency and quality.

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