Benefits of SLS 3D Printing Services

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is one of the most commonly used 3D printing or additive manufacturing technologies. It’s an industrial 3D printing technology, that creates durable and accurate parts from PA12 (nylon) materials. It is a practical choice for building functional prototypes fast and cost-effectively, and it’s versatile for use in creating low-volume end-use parts, too. SLS 3D printing services offer convenience as they eliminate the need to buy or rent printers and train in-house staff, so you save time and money all around.


However, those are not the only benefits you can realize with the right service provider. Here are more perks of outsourcing SLS 3D printing:




SLS 3D printing services can accommodate a range of projects involving consumer goods, aerospace, housings, snap fits, tooling production, and sports. Product designers and engineers use them in their product development process to create functional prototypes that will allow them to test and understand their designs better.


Durable prototypes


Prototypes should have the same quality as the final product, so you can understand how they perform in real situations. SLS 3D printing produces sturdy and durable nylon parts with reliable mechanical properties. That makes it ideal for creating the end-user versions, too.




High-quality SLS 3D printing services let you integrate multiple components, intricate geometries, and thin-walled objects, which traditional prototyping and manufacturing methods may be unable to do. And they do so with accuracy and efficiency, with minimal waste. SLS 3D printing can create repeatable parts accurately, even those with complex geometries.




You can produce many identical parts on one platform at a time with SLS 3D printing to improve production efficiency. The printed parts won’t require tooling, so you reduce the manufacturing lead times. That means speedier innovation and time to market.


Is SLS 3D printing right for you? Consider finding an established provider of SLS 3D printing services for a free project review.

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