Can I take a urethane casted part to a sales meeting? Yes!

You might be a new product developer who needs to take first-rate samples into a sales meeting. You might be a project leader at a fortune 500 who needs a top-notch sample to help greenlight the rest of your project and/or budget. Whoever you are, there are a couple of great aesthetic features that urethane casting (vacuum casting) offers which helps make this rapid manufacturing option a great choice to take your project to the next level.


Parts can self-colour within the mould so there is no painting needed after moulding. This can make the parts look like production injection moulded parts.

Surface Finishing

Part surfaces can achieve high quality detailed textured or smooth finishes with very little process necessary if any. Again, mimicking a finished injection moulded part.

Confidence breeds confidence, urethane casting delivers fantastic form, fit, and function part features right out of the mould with great aesthetic features like Colour and Surface finishing that can help give confidence to the people in the room. The people who often hold your project’s future in their hands.

Just email your files to and our team will get back to you quickly.

*A couple of conditions do apply to this urethane casting offer.*

*SLA master only, discount does not apply to projects that require a CNC master.*

*Sorry, no transparent parts for this discount.*

*Offer valid for new orders placed in January 2018*

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