CNC Milling Services: Essential Tips to Consider While Looking for Milling Services

Rapid prototyping can be accomplished using different methods, with one of them being CNC milling. CNC stands for computer numerical control, a system that relies on electronic computers to automate machine operations for product manufacturing. It delivers high-precision, accurate, high-speed, and robust parts for manufacturing. Manufacturers looking to save money in prototyping and industrial manufacturing should outsource their CNC milling projects to China. However, there are a lot of service providers available, so the challenge is picking the right one to work with. We’ve gathered some tips to help you make an informed decision when hiring CNC milling services:


  • Find out what they can do – Reputable providers of CNC milling in China are able to make prototypes and parts from an array of metals and plastics. They are equipped with high-precision CNC mills and other critical machinery and tools, like surface grinding machines, sink and wire EDMs, and lathes. This allows them to provide custom CNC machining for a host of different industries.


  • Know why customers trust them – Look up customer testimonials to determine the quality of their work and services. Discerning customers typically turn to them for repeatable and fast low-volume manufacturing projects that deliver on high tolerance and precise specifications. Their rapid prototyping service should produce an outstanding surface finish every time.
  • Check tolerances – Choose CNC milling services that control their tolerances to DIN-2678-1 Fine (for metals) and Medium (for plastics). These are proven standards in producing high-quality CNC prototypes.


  • Look for other services – See if they can do other rapid prototyping methods, like rapid injection molding, 3D printing, and sheet metal rapid prototyping, so you do not have to look for other companies in case you need those services, too.


  • Choose flexible companies – Look for a CNC milling company in China that has extensive experience in working with many companies across an array of different industries.  They should have a flexible approach to rapid low volume manufacturing that can deliver high-quality parts quickly and according to your budget.


  • Get them to review your project – Some companies will review your project for free and then provide a proposal on how they intend to work on your prototypes. This is a good way to gauge their abilities and reliability, and an opportunity for you to ask questions on what they can do for your project.

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